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Friday, April 27, 2012

Lumia 900 & Better Devices Coming in October- No 800 for KSA

Ok last "Leak" for now; if you head over to the Nokia KSA twitter you'll find loads of confirmation tweets about Lumia devices coming in October with full arabic support- but the following tweet stood out:

"When will the Lumia 800 be available in KSA"
"It wont be launched in Saudi Arabia, we will however bring the Lumia 900 and better phones in October- god willing"
Now call me crazy but why would you differentiate between the 800 and the 900 if they both have the same future? Nokia KSA previously singled out the Lumia 900 as supporting Arabic, so why not the 800? and what exactly are these Better phones to come? Obviously Windows 8 phones, maybe with a hint of pureview? Why would you launch the Lumia 900 alongside windows 8 devices if it was going to be running outdated software by then- unless it'll be running something else?

Could this be a controlled leak to re-instill confidence and banish the fears from those tempted to upgrade but afraid of being left out in the dark? It would certainly make some sense, as Nokia India confirmed similar theories before; and yet none of the tweets have been redacted removed or denied in a way. It certainly would make sense considering how some blogs have been punching holes in Nokia's Lumia strategy trying to lower their worth.

what do you guys think?

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