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About Ali-

Hey Guys-

Names Ali- and I'm proud to say that I'm probably one of the most random people you will ever meet; some people use the word "crazy" but I prefer "Unique"

Event hough I'm a dental student (currently 4th year) I'm crazy for technology- mostly Mobile Phone & tablets. When it comes down to it I love all gadgets, regardless what company they come from; as long as they have a good 'ol bunch of technology goodness in them (and preferably a kickass camera).

 I have a deep seeded passion to all Nokia devices for some reason- I think it has something to do with the fact that I just never had to use anything else- if it ain't broke don't fix it.

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  1. as-sallam-mu-wa-lai-kum, brother ,, your health in blue t-shirt looks littile bit less , eat more cookies , dont eat more girls, good luck... Yours indian fan bro

  2. thank you for the Windows phone, videos. I am also a doctor now, but since medical school I have been a tech enthusiast. I am from Egypt, but live now in USA. where are you from

    1. glad you enjoyed them, I'm from Chicago studying in Jordan.

  3. the windows phone and app hub is not on anymore. what can I do?