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Monday, July 30, 2012

Microsoft Confirms SW Upgrade for Touch Mouse; Brings Windows 8 Support!

Just the other day I mentioned how excited I was to try out the touch mouse on Windows , well Microsoft have officially announced that the update is coming, SOON! for FREE!

Here's a list of the functions to be supported:

  • A one finger swipe will allow you to move side to side or up and down, shifting content on your screen.
  • Two finger movements manage apps, allowing users to display Windows 8 charms, switch through open apps and show app commands.
  • Three finger movements will let you zoom in and out.
  • Thumb gestures navigate backward and forward through apps.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Microsoft Mouse Gestures Reviewed

A while back I posted a couple pictures of the "Microsoft Touch mouse" and promised you a full coverage of the functions/gestures supported; well here it is.

As soon as you connect the mouse to your Laptop/PC it automatically downloads the drivers (no need for those pesky CDs) as well as a tutorial program that teaches you how to use all the mouse gestures.

The groove down the middle separates the mouse into left and right side for right button/left button clicks.

The basic gestures are:
  • Single Finger Scrolling- Just dragging a single finger up or down scrolls across the page
  • Two Finger Panning Up/Down- Dragging two fingers upwards or downwards toggles between Full screen and windowed mode (maximize/minimize), while two consecutive swipes downward of a maximized window will dock it into the taskbar
  • Two Fingers Panning Left/Right- Swiping to the left or right with two fingers will "justify" the current window onto the right or left half of the screen (Splits the screen)
  • Three Finger Panning Up/Down- Swiping up with three fingers will bring up a really neat multitasking view that allows you to switch quickly between open applications/folders (as seen in the image below), swiping with three fingers downwards will automatically dock any open window into the taskbar regardless if its maximized or minimized.

  • Thumb Flicks Left/Right-  This gesture was a little tricky to get the hang of , basically you first have to grip the mouse in a normal fashion (fingers on top, thumb against the side of the mouse) then from this position either move your thumb towards the center of the mouse (Right) or towards the surface of your desk/mousepad (left); these gestures are used to navigate Forward/Back in webpages and folder directories.
Overall the gestures on the mouse become very natural, almost second nature; making switching back to any other mouse a pain a nuisance, the two gestures I use most are the "thumb flick: for navigating webpages as well as the "dock to right/left" to help organize my open applications/folders.

Verdict: The Microsoft touch mouse is pretty darn awesome, good looking and extremely useful, I really hope it's supported on Windows 8 as it would make scrolling through the Metro Desktop a breeze.

If you feel like picking one up you can get the Touch mouse from Amazon for $28 for the black version and $22 for the White "cheque" artist version (super saver shipping available).

Monday, July 2, 2012

Crazy Curved Keyboard Leaked from WP8!!!

curvedy keyboard

This has got to be the craziest idea I've seen in a very long time, the image above is taken from a leaked presentation  from the WP research team, as you can clearly see the keyboard is for lack of a better word "whacky" as it curves to make all the letters accessible by one thumb only (for one handed typing); this would surely come in handy with those large screens such as the Titan 2 with it's 4.7" of display as well as the Lumia 900 whose 4.3" might be too much for those of us with smaller hands.

It appears as if it's a mix of a T9 keyboard with the normal QWERTY layout as each "key" has three letters, it's worth noting that as of now WP only has a single keyboard (counting portrait and landscape as one) with no option to use a 3rd party keyboard so it wouldn't be that crazy to see a new keyboard coming along with WP 8.

Would you ever use a keyboard this crazy?


Random Dude Trashes T-Mobile Store in Manchester

Here's a nice change of scenery, always goes to show how thoughtful customers are towards their service providers, I guess this guy had one too many calls dropped by T-Mobile so he decided to take it out on the store in Manchester.....

One question though, why was that security guard just standing around watching,is it against UK laws to use force against an unarmed person?? Also I've never seen someone look so happy while being arrested.

Pureview 808 Available From SmartBuy; Comes With Free Tripod - 450 JD

It's rare that we ever get any special offers from Nokia officially here in Jordan, since it would seem that nobody cares about us; for example almost every single country out there has had some sort of deal involving a Play 360 speaker or the Monster headphones, here? They don't even exist! I asked the Nokia store were I could get some 360s and they said "Nokia doesn't make speakers".

Regardless this deal is pretty nice, through SmartBuy (Jordan's version of BestBuy or hhGregg) if you purchase the Pureview (available in White and Black with red coming soon) you can get a free tripod mount + the tripod itself (the two on the right of the image) for 450 JODs (around $630):

You would not believe how hard I've looked for a mobile tripod that is NOT an iPhone and finally this comes around