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Monday, July 2, 2012

Crazy Curved Keyboard Leaked from WP8!!!

curvedy keyboard

This has got to be the craziest idea I've seen in a very long time, the image above is taken from a leaked presentation  from the WP research team, as you can clearly see the keyboard is for lack of a better word "whacky" as it curves to make all the letters accessible by one thumb only (for one handed typing); this would surely come in handy with those large screens such as the Titan 2 with it's 4.7" of display as well as the Lumia 900 whose 4.3" might be too much for those of us with smaller hands.

It appears as if it's a mix of a T9 keyboard with the normal QWERTY layout as each "key" has three letters, it's worth noting that as of now WP only has a single keyboard (counting portrait and landscape as one) with no option to use a 3rd party keyboard so it wouldn't be that crazy to see a new keyboard coming along with WP 8.

Would you ever use a keyboard this crazy?


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