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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Break From Leaks- N9 Vs Lumia - Random

Ok So taking a break from the list of leaks I've been flooding the home page with; here's my latest video review between the N9 and the Lumia 800 covering most of what comes preloaded on the devices but is usually ignored when actually purchasing the device.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Lumia 900 & Better Devices Coming in October- No 800 for KSA

Ok last "Leak" for now; if you head over to the Nokia KSA twitter you'll find loads of confirmation tweets about Lumia devices coming in October with full arabic support- but the following tweet stood out:

"When will the Lumia 800 be available in KSA"
"It wont be launched in Saudi Arabia, we will however bring the Lumia 900 and better phones in October- god willing"
Now call me crazy but why would you differentiate between the 800 and the 900 if they both have the same future? Nokia KSA previously singled out the Lumia 900 as supporting Arabic, so why not the 800? and what exactly are these Better phones to come? Obviously Windows 8 phones, maybe with a hint of pureview? Why would you launch the Lumia 900 alongside windows 8 devices if it was going to be running outdated software by then- unless it'll be running something else?

Could this be a controlled leak to re-instill confidence and banish the fears from those tempted to upgrade but afraid of being left out in the dark? It would certainly make some sense, as Nokia India confirmed similar theories before; and yet none of the tweets have been redacted removed or denied in a way. It certainly would make sense considering how some blogs have been punching holes in Nokia's Lumia strategy trying to lower their worth.

what do you guys think?

MOAR LEAKS! 808 Pureview coming to KSA in June

It would seem as if someone from Nokia-KSA has gone rouge- first confirming a Lumia Windows 8 device for oct. and now immediately after that confirming a June launch of the 808 pureview in Saudi Arabia

Translation (by me)-
"When will the Nokia 808 be available in the Saudi market?"
"By month #6 (june) God Willing- Do you have an imaging obsession?"
Well I guess that makes it a good news day for both Symbian and WP fans- your choice October or June? Pureview or Lumia?

Windows 8 Nokia Lumia Device Coming in October

Truth be told us Arabs aren't the best at keeping secrets, and Nokia Saudi Arabia just let a big one slip-
According to a twitter reply a Nokia Lumia phone running windows 8 with full Arabic support will be available in October.

My own personal translation:
“Can I know when the Lumia 900 will be availble in Saudi Arabia with full Arabic Support/System for WP?”
Nokia: “Nokia LUMIA phones will be available in Saudi Arabia in month #10 with 100% full Arabic Support- running on Windows 8- God Willing.”
Now note that the question was about the Lumia 900 but the reply failed to specify which device was being mentioned; which probably means that it's NOT the 900 that's going to be coming, and that the current Mango devices won't get any Arabic support anytime soon. 


Random Craving- Chocolate Chip Lava Cookies

Sometimes I think I might be pregnant from the random cravings I get; but rest assured I'm not, and this time these cravings are very well justified. Yes that mouthwatering image above; known to us mortals as "Chocolate Chip Lava Cookies" simply because it's true name that was coined by the ancient Cookie people cannot be translated into any spoken language; as the sheer amount of mouth watering that would result from "the name" would lead to instant dehydration shock and eventually death (think of it that what CANNOT be named).

Regardless I'm willing to put my own safety and well being on the line for the sake of the greater good; so for anyone who loves me enough to make them for me follow the break to get the recipe -Warning I;m not responsible for any self mutilations (such as chewing your on tongue off or biting your fingers in anticipation) nor am I to be held responsible for any form of Diabetes that you might acquire.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wordament Gets Xbox Live Support- Awesome Update

I just love it when my favorite app gets updated,  even better when it was already a great app; and the frosting on the cake? When *that* app is THE one and only wordament. Just a couple days ago my already favorite word playing game was updated to get Xbox live support and a complete UI over-haul the result? A perfect game. 

The latest update brings Xbox live achievements to the board as well as smoother interactions and new sounds; I suggest you check it out  if you haven't already fallen in love with this game.

Here's a demo of the original game taken from MNB LumiappADay:

Go Ahead and scan the QR code to download this awesome app:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Asha Challenge

Ok, so there's been a slight change of plans since my last post about trialing a Nokia 700. Unfortunately the Nokia Connects people are fresh out of 700s (I was offered to try out the 701 instead) but for now I'm passing on both devices to take on a serious challenge. Can I ditch my Lumia, N9, N8 and all other forms of technology and survive on JUST an Asha 303 for a week? I proposed the challenge to Steve/Pychomania on twitter who loved it as well and Tom from Nokia Connects jumped in offering both of us Asha 303s if we take on the challenge.

So do you guys think I'll make it?  with 1Ghz of ram it's more powerful than my N8; yet it runs S40 which I haven't played with in A LONG time. My main issue is probably going to be trying to get my contacts up on the Asha as it was an issue for the N9 I can only imagine what S40 is going to be like.

Wish me Luck. (This includes using the Asha as a camera device as well so expect some footage).