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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Only Real Alternative To Installous You'll Ever Need

Ever since Hackulous shut down taking installous down with it, people have been on the search for a proper alternative for installous. I've read countless articles talking about VVShare and App cake; well let me spare you the trouble THEY SUCK!
VVShare? With its fancy "Direct Downloads" guess what the speeds don't go over 50 kb/s (that's if you're lucky) and it restarts constantly for no reason at all; making it a nightmare to use even to download the simplest of apps.What about AppCake you say? You mean besides the horrible bugginess that causes it to crash every 5 seconds, and the non responsive built in browser which takes forever to redirect you to a third party hosting site? How about the fact that it doesn't even download the files properly? Rather than go on and raise my blood pressure even more, and risk ending my life before completing this article; I'll go ahead and tell you the one app that you'll need.

One word: Zeusmos. Zeusmos is your all in one replacement for installous; it comes with a clean layout, responsive UI and is actually in fricken English!!! The app supports searching for IPA files online and downloading them from 3rd party hosting clients (just like installous did), you have all the same functionalities (even the same captcha generator) so without explaining myself any further get Zeusmos.
To install Zeusmos simply go to Cydia and add "" to the sources; after that search for "Zeusmos" from within Cydia and install it.

All done, enjoy your slightly less stressful life and thank me anytime.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to Jailbreak/Sideload Apps on Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 is one of the more secure OSes out there, in fact just like WP7 it has yet to be hacked in the general sense of the word. However there are ways to install apps on to your phone that aren't from the marketplace; which is the definition of side-loading (or as iOS users have grown to call it; jailbreaking).

The process is quite simple, to side-load apps on WP8 you require a developers account from Microsoft; you can get a FREE one if you are a student with an active .edu account; simply follow these instructions:
After creating your App hub account simply follow the directions in the video down below and enjoy:

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tip: The Best Way To Listen To Music on Windows 8

Personally I get a bit weirded out when I play music on VLC; not that there's anything wrong with it, but it's just so dull. Music is beautiful, so why shouldn't it be played by something equally beautiful? Which is why I think I've finally found my solution, using the Xbox Music app that comes with Xbox Smartglasses.
 The interface like almost all Windows 8 designed apps is beautiful and simple to navigate, the app itself combines your own library with the music store in on tab. Meaning on the left side of the screen you have your library/playlists, while scrolling to the right will show you recommended/top selling music in the Xbox music store.
 Viewing any song that's now playing will bring up the screen seen above; with random generated pictures of the artist shuffling in the background (or the sidebar if  you pinned it to the side of the screen). scrolling to the right will give you additional info about the artist including a full bio page, latest albums, and additional albums with direct links to purchase them from the Xbox music store... pretty neat.
 Of course you also have the option to play a "Smart DJ Mix" which compiles a playlist from artists similar to the one you're listening to (or more tracks from the same artist), which is usually pretty accurate at detecting what mood of music you feel like listening too (plus it's free!).
Above is a "Smart DJ Mix" generated from listening to a "train song" as you can see it started off with Drops of Jupiter then jumped to some other related music... pretty neat.
But by far the coolest feature that makes this is a must have app is the integration into Windows 8; lowering the volume on your PC (through the keyboard hot keys) will bring up the box seen in the upper left corner in the screenshot above. Finally an app for windows 8 that brings media integration into the volume controls, it shows the track currently being played + Album art as well as Skip/Pause/Previous track options. Plus the obvious fact that since this is a Windows 8 optimized app you can pin it to one side of the screen and your desktop will resize to accommodate it on the left or right side of the screen; giving you a standalone media player that is as un-intrusive as possible.

Download Xbox SmartGlasses from the Windows Store here:

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dubai To Be The First Country to Witness BB10 Launch On January 30th

With the impending launch of BB10, the all new OS set to raise BB/RIM from the ashes the launch dates and cities have finally been announced. A total of 6 cities have been chosen across the globe to witness the latest products from RIM; the selected cities are: The launch is set to take palce on the morning of January 30th in each of these cities, 
  • Jo’burg in SouthAfrica
  • New York in the US
  • Toronto in Canada
  • Paris in France
  • London in the UK
  • Dubai in the Middle East
The launch is set to take palce on the morning of January 30th in each of these cities, of course Dubai being in the +4 Timezone would make it the first country in the world to see the new BB10 OS along with whatever new devices are set to be revealed alongside it. The launch in Dubai ahs been scheduled to take place in the iconic Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world); a fitting place for the launch of what BlackBerry hopes will carry them into the future. Source

How To Use Middle Mouse Button/Mouse Button 3 With The Microsoft Touch Mouse

One of the greatest design flaws of the Microsoft touch mouse is the obvious lack of. A middle mouse button. Of course this stylish mouse was never meant to be a gaming mouse, but that's no excuse to leave out such an essential design piece when it comes to computer mice.

I personally abuse the middle mouse button while browsing, mainly to open new tabs or close existing ones (noob tip: clicking with middle mouse button on any link in most browsers will open up the link in a new tab, clicking on the tab itself with the middle mouse button closes said tab).

The lack of a middle mouse button here severely cut down on my productivity (or lack of) until I found the simple solution. Using the Microsoft keyboard and mouse program/driver that installs when you connect the mouse you can reassign specific gestures to act as a makeshift middle mouse button.

I personally have set "swipe up with two fingers" to act as my middle mouse button, but to each his own. To change the gesture settings simply open the keyboard and mouse center, then under "gesture Settings" select the gesture you'd like to set as the middle mouse click, then simply accept and exit.

(It's possible some of these gesture options are only accessible through the new Windows 8 Mouse manager client :/ )