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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Video: Official Tumblr App for WP8 Released

A lot of you out there are big Tumblr fans, and for good reason; where else can you get your fix of crazy Gifs, cool pictures and inappropriate comments (besides reddit). Well the official Tumblr app for Windows Phone has finally been released, and it's pretty damn awesome!
The app comes with a simple clean interface that allows you to switch between your dashboard/feed and the explore page. Coolest fact of all is that Gifs play instantly on both while scrolling! (check out the video if you don't believe me).
The app is extremely smooth and well written and has a feature unavailable on any other platform, the app can change your lockscreen (and the live tile) to match the latest images from your Tumblr feed!
Grab the app for free from over here: