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Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy to Announce Arabic Videos & Unboxings Coming Soon!!

Today I can finally reveal to you what I've had on my mind for quite a while now, ARABIC VIDEOS! No, sadly they won't be of me belly dancing to Arabic music (sorry to disappoint); but next week will show the launch of my first ever Arabic video. I've gotten loads of requests from people telling me to make some videos in Arabic or at the very least some Arabic captions for the videos I upload, seeing how this goes I will either upload an Arabic version of all future videos or just the major ones.

My mad Arabic skills will debut on a second version of my upcoming Lumia 920 unboxing, so for anyone who speaks Arabic (or wants to hear how bad all the TV shows get it) stay tuned!

Also this video was the first one I shot with the Nex-5N besides the camera quality test, so lemme know what you think of the quality down below.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sony Nex-5N in The House! First Look/Impression

So I've finally taken the plunge, leaving behind the world of relying on borrowed DSLRs and using Camera phones to take picture. I've joined the club of monkeys wielding semi-expensive/expensive cameras, who think we know what we're doing with a camera.

 The Nex-5N is the mid range family member of Sony's mirror less camera set (slotted above the 3 series and below the 7 series). Packing a 16.1 MP sensor, interchangeable E-Mount lenses and 1080p Video shooting. The killer feature for me in this camera was the 10Fps Shooting speed, which is absolutely insane (think Ak-47).
A fitting end for the Nokia 808's place in my reviews, taking images of it's successor (which were taken in very poor lighting).

The Nex-5N packs a touch screen display on the back to help you choose your focus area, as well as gicing quick access to options. The screen itself is tilt-able (upwards only) to about 90 degrees; which is pretty neat.
Anyways on to the more important matter, picture quality; seeing how I'm a complete imaging noob I'm not the right person to take any tip from. But here's the very first picture I took with the camera; I think it ain't too bad.

Check the full resolution image on Flickr here:


Friday, November 9, 2012

Facebook For iOS Now Showing When "Friends" were Last Online; Stalkers Rejoice

In what seems to be Zucks latest attempt at figuring out who's ignoring him from his friends, a new feature (by feature we mean a stalkers Christmas, Eid and Birthday come early) has silently been rolled to the Facebook for iOS app (or at least the iPad version of it). Besides the extremely annoying Seen checkmark on messages and chat, Facebook has now implemented a last seen for anyone on a mobile device/ that let's you know when the last time they were online was, regardless if they sent you a message or not. Note the 1h, 2h, 5h besides the mobile icon on the chat sidebar (It also possible shows even if said "friend" has you set as "offline"). This feature is yet to appear on the Web client of Facebook, but it can only be a matter of time.

- Way to go Zucks! This seriously has saved me hours of wondering whether or not my "prey" has checked her Facebook today; I can't seem to figure out why she won't like my statuses! But now I can plan my timings perfectly so that heavily hinted message might just get through to her!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review: 1Kg Solid Gold Bar #ParodyRant

We've long awaited this moment, and it's finally here; Mother Nature's flagship element has finally hit the stores, coming in a eye catching yellow; that can't help but turn heads and drop jaws, read on to see what our highly trained staff of professional monkeys and that one guy who brings us the coffee think.

Well first off let's talk about the elephant(s) in the room, there's no ignoring it, as hard as Mother Nature would like us to believe, this is NOT the element for you. There's no denying that the 1KG gold bar has some very impressive specs, but it just doesn't feel like something that our staff could fall in love with so we've decided that it's a no-go.

First off it's just too damn heavy, Mother Nature would have us believe that the reason that the 1KG gold bar is so heavy is because it's packed full of tightly wound atoms which lead to a better consistency and will eventually benefit the end-user; but we're not buying it.  For something so small nothing justifies it's weight, sure the built in feature of getting any women too swoon with just the tiniest glimpse of it is neat, but it feels more of a gimmick; sure we used it a couple times at the bar, but it's not something that's needed in todays day and age. We think that losing the swoon factor in favor of a lighter product would be a more than fair trade-off; we've also discussed whether or not the inclusion of a "never-corrode" factor is actually needed, and the general consensus is that it's just another gimmick Mother Nature have crammed in to distract you from the absurd weight.

The second elephant in the room (yes it's amazing what you can fit in one room when so little is occupied by intelligence), is the ridiculous pricing! The 1KG Solid Gold Bar is set to retail at around 40,000 Euros, nothing justifies this border-line ridiculous price, even if this 1KG bar of gold was worth it's weight in platinum it still wouldn't cost as much. For less than a tenth of that price you could easily buy an end market 1KG Silver bar which gives you a lot of similar features at a much more reasonable price point (not to mention an overall lighter product).

Finally we come to the major flaw, the carrier availability; Mother Nature has decided to make it's flagship element only available in rare remote areas of the world buried under mountains of earth, which frankly given all the flaws in the product has forced us to give the "Not Worth the Trouble" verdict.

In Summary Mother Nature had a good run teasing us with its flagship element, but no matter what features it packs it just doesn't justify the price nor the weight; if you're considering wasting your money on this might we suggest you invest in fruits, I hear Apple trees are all the rave nowdays.

Product Score: 2.5/5

Angry Birds Starwars Released: First Look at iPad Version

 It's finally here! the latest installment of the Angry Birds series, "Angry Birds Star Wars"; the latest version is a spin-off of the ultra-popular Movie series Star Wars.. DUH. Interestingly enough it would seem that this is the LAST ever 3rd party Star Wars product that won't pay-off to Disney, Kinda sad huh?
The game looks great on the retina screen of the iPad (especially since there's an iPad HD version); the graphics are cute and pretty funny, as you can see above. Red Luke SkyWalker looks pretty awesome, but I'm not sure I like C3PO too much.
Check out that Darth Vader Piggy! Scary looking! The game seems most similar to Angry Birds Space, with the trajectory path showing up for each sling (I'm personally not a fan of that; it takes away from the difficulty factor in the game).

 The Worlds in Angry Birds star wars are set in the Star Wars Empire world, with the first one being the ever famous "Tatooinee" with it's trademark two suns (see image above).

Anyways enjoy the game!

Friday, November 2, 2012

First Look at Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012/Reboot

Announced back in June and just released last week Need For Speed Most Wanted is an attempted reboot of the hit NFS game released back in 2005. First thing you'll realize? the graphics are AMAZING! no matter how much I stress this point it still won't be enough, the graphics are beautiful!
(as always click on any of the images to enter the fullsize gallery)
The new version of Need For Speed comes as a massive free play map with cars to find and unlock, races to complete, upgrades to win and most importantly blacklists to climb.

Around the map are cars that most be found and unlocked (by simply driving up to them), once a new car is found a specific set of races for each car are made available; where by beating these races you unlock upgrades for each car (car upgrades are NOT interchangeable).
Of course the gameplay is always amazing, with hours of fun; and since it's an open world map you can just drive around causing havoc, destroying billboards and breaking speed limits... or you could drive safely and practice your parallel parking.. up to you (we won't judge... actually we will).

Personally my favorite part of the game is the car damage, just look at the details in the screenshot above! That Aston is WRECKED! Police chases will put down tire spikes and pop your tires, making you drive on the rims of your car (painful); but of course totally fixing your car is just a gas station away.

The other super cool part about the game is the police chase dialogue, which isn't your custom "roger over over" but actual dialogue that adapts to your driving style; changed the color of your car in the middle of the chase? Don't worry the cops will send out a new APB alert on the radio with your updated color. Sweet! 
Of course what kind of Need For Speed game would be complete without cops... lots of cops.
Seriously, try it out you won't regret it!