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Saturday, March 30, 2013

How Anyone Can Gain Access to All Your Passwords; Without Typing a Single Line of Code

Just because you never give your friends your Facebook password doesn't mean your account is impenetrable; personally I've accepted the fact that no account is safe, no matter what measures you take. However there's a very simple way to hack/access anyone's email, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube (and any other online service you can imagine) without typing a single line of code.

All that's needed is about 30 seconds of access on your "friends" laptop; and from there countless amounts of information is instantly accessible. Sure we all like to keep our laptops and PC's close; but how many times has a friend asked to "google something real quick" or check their email? Just because you sign out of your accounts doesn't mean you're safe.

The real danger is Chrome's "auto-fill password"; and I'm not talking about the risk of having your friend simply click "log-in" on an already filled out form, there's a very simple way to view all your passwords and usernames in plain text; and it's frighteningly easy.

Chrome's auto-fill saves me loads of headaches, when trying to remember which password goes where; but it's also a security nightmare. By simply heading into the settings (of a computer with auto-fill enabled- and most people have it enabled) you can view each and every single password plus the username.

In Chrome head to settings (the wrench icon)> Show Advanced Settings > and hit Managed Saved Passwords (or just type this into the browser: chrome://settings/passwords ). From there every single password and username for any site you've ever saved is visible; in plain text (hit "show" next to the hidden password to see in plain text). This is all accessible without being prompted for a single password, or security authentication.

The moral is, either turn off Auto-fill passwords, or watch who you give your laptop to; stay safe stay secure.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Video Demo of Temple Run on WIndows Phone 8 (Lumia 920 Demo)

Temple Run has finally hit the Windows Phone 8 marketplace, so here's a quick overview of how it looks! Off the top the gram is pretty smooth and runs nicely, in fact I don't see why anyone is complaining; the graphics look just fine.
The "bad graphics" people are complaining about is probably because they've gotten used to the newer better graphics of Temple Run 2. According to most people the graphics are pretty much the same of those from iOS and Android.
What do you guys think?
Grab temple run for your WP8 device from here: