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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lumia 900s Still Selling Strong- Cyan Case Sold Out Online

If this is any sign of how well the Lumias are selling in the US; the online At&t store has the Cyan Blue case for the 900 as "Out of Stock" I'm not sure what their stock is in the first place; but anything sold out after well over a month from launch must be a good sign right?

At&t store:

PhotoSynth for WP rekeased- Video Demo

PhotoSynth is an Awesome app that takes spherical and 360 panoramas stitches it all together and allows you to share it online; the app is quick, simple and best of all free; check out the video demo here:

Have you tried it yet?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Video Intro for AliGoneMobile

Before anyone hurts my feelings I'd just like to point out that I absolutely suck at all aspects of video editing, hell I don't even have a proper video editor (not gonna say what I use for fear of ridicule). Anyway today I thought I'd take a shot at making a Intro scene for any future videos that I shoot (ones that are NOT related to MNB that is).

So share your thoughts people, what do you think?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Why I bought an iPad 3 (Plus Unboxing Gallery)

Today for the first time in my life I walked into an apple store (this isn't some exaggeration I've NEVER been to an apple store in my life); yet today i marched right in, as soon as the very helpful salesperson called "Tom" came up and asked how he could help me I told him straight up that I'd like an iPad 3 in white please. This might not seem like a big deal but personally I've NEVER purchased a gadget without first playing with it and testing it out; yet here I was asking to buy one without even checking out that "Fabled screen resolution". Why?

Simply because I became disgusted of my touchpad and it's heavy weight, clunky OS (even ICS) and shitty apps; however the other real major factor that made me buy an iPad was Facetime; I always call my mom on skype and we spend hours talking, but eversince she got an iPhone she stopped opening skype since the  rest of my iPhone loving family facetimed here, rendering skype useless (who cares if once of her children can't call her right? :P ).

Anyways here's the gallery: I specifically got a White iPad just to match the stormtrooper 900 whenever i get it.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nokia & Windows Phone 8 Facts & the Future

With all the rumors and speculations about Windows Phone 8; most importantly what phone (if any) will be upgradeable the internet has become a mess of contradicting articles and quotes each claiming something different, and usually each one is the complete opposite of the previous; so here’s in hopes of getting some things cleared up for you guys.
I’m not a saint – far from it- so mistakes are highly likely; if you do find a mistake please head to the closest authorities without causing a scene).

The Facts:

Microsoft hasn’t spoken a whole lot about WP8 (in fact as far as I know they haven’t even confirmed if that’s what it’s called); regardless there are some pieces of information that have been confirmed through multiple sources and are almost a sure thing to come in the upcoming update to WP:


The current range of WP are almost exactly identical in terms of hardware; practically the main differences between the current set of available Mango phones revolve around Screen Size (Largest Currently is the HTC Titan ii @  4.7″),  Internal memory (Most of the current WPs are 8 or 16GB; there are some 4 GB ones as well a couple 32 GB), Camera Sensor (Highest MP = 16MP on Titan ii), Front Facing Camera presence, battery Size (Largest is Lumia 900 at 1830Ma and Design. The rest however is usually cut in stone (My main issue with WP 7.5 is the fixed screen resolution; 720p has become the new standard screen resolution and no matter how awesome the Lumia 900s CBD NON-pentile display is wVGA simply can’t compete against a High resolution screen). Upcoming Hardware changes that have been confirmed so far include:
  • Multi-Core Processors: yes yes, I know Elop bashed Multi-Core phones; but it would seem as if Nokia are going to have to make one sooner or later; especially if it becomes a requirement for the more taxing WP8, it’s possible that any Nokia Pureview phone might require multicore simply because the camera itself might require a dedicated processor (as it even has it’s own processor on the 808); and as we all know with great processors comes great responsibility; meaning if someone screws up the way they work you could end up with about 4 hours of battery life (HTC One X is a nice example of this).
  • More screen resolutions: It was confirmed that the upcoming version of WP will support 4 New screen resolutions; Although there are no specifics as to what these resolutions are My money is that 720p is a given in this field, it’s possible that we can also expect a Landscape slider phone as those also required specific resolutions (maybe something along the E7′s  formfactor?).
  • Support For Removable Expandable Memory: Here’s the weird thing, WP already supports Micro SD cards, as the first batch of WPs (first generations that launched with WP 7.0) actually used Micro SD cards as the internal storage, and with some degree of hacking and minimal mechanical engineering skills (mainly some soldering experience) it was possible to swap out these SD cards for one with a  larger capacity; but for some reason WP just doesn’t support them as swappable/Expandable (as in Android & Symbian)- hopefully however this will soon be remedied; and once Removable SD cards are available logic dictates that Mass Storage mode and file manager should also be available.
  • Native NFC Support: True Nokia already have a NFC Enable Lumia 610 but apparently they went through alot of trouble to get it working; however WP8 should support this “Inside the box” (we  use the phrase “Out of the box” for the finished product so I assume “Inside the Box” is fitting for software?)- the NFC support on WP  can be used by a secure element on the SIM card or  by utilizing hardware in the phone itself, as well as the usual tap to share; except that the tap to share will be Cross-Platform be it with a tablet, Android phone or a PC.


On the software side even fewer details are available on what to expect; particularly when it comes to the magic word: “Updates”; I’m not even going to bother going into what we know rumor wise and what we don’t; but my personal opinion is that it all depends on the minimum requirements of WP8; if Dual core and up is a must; or more RAM then obviously forget about it; on the other hand all OEMs would probably do their best to ensure that their customers get what they can so even if the current gen of WP don’t get Apollo/WP8 we’ve been assured multiple times that they will still get constant upgrade supports; perhaps liter version of WP8 mainly the UI changes that will occur?
  • Unification: The basis of WP8 is that it should finally bridge the gap between phones, tablets and PCs; to get this done WP8 is based on alot of the same components as the PC version; making it light-years easier for developers to make their programs phone friendly. Another aspect of the unification is the identical UIs as anyone who’s tried out the consumer preview of Win 8 has no doubt seen the Metro UI desktop (large point of debate between Love and hate but that’s besides the point).
  • Bye-Bye Zune: Personally I love Zune, since it’s light on the PC (at least when you compare it to Nokia Suite), it’s easy to use, and it keeps all my music organized; but of course as most things are it’s not without its limitations- and in this case they’re kind of big ones mainly the fact that Zune has a relatively narrow Compatible OS field but is yet a critically important factor in using a WP device; I was surprised to hear that Zune only runs on Win XP SP3 and above, meaning anyone with the original XP or a Mac are out of luck. I highly suggest you read this article HERE on wpsauce that explain why Zune is the weakest link in Windows Phone’s armor.
  • Skype Integration: Obviously Microsoft didn’t spend 8.5 BILLION dollars on acquiring skype just because it wouldn’t download on Balmer’s computer; the main vision of this is somewhere along the lines of a proper Skype/WP integration, which would most probably mean making skype calls without even having to run the app (as if it were a normal phone call).
  • Camera Skinning by OEMs: Currently almost all WPs use the same camera UI with tiny changes (which is why most camera enhancement apps comes as separate apps rather than baked into the OS- such asCreative studio and the recently leaked Camera Extension; the second of which could be a preview of what to expect in upcoming Lumias).
  • Deeper Skydrive Integration: Currently Skydrive on WP runs as an external application and is only accessed directly through the OS when uploading images to twitter; however WP 8 will change all that making Skydrive your primary syncing platform of multimedia between your devices (Ex: you just bought a new Lumia 910 and want to copy all your Music off your old Lumia 800; theoretically you should just be able to power up your 910 and sign in with your Live ID- then get a prompt to restore old phone data or something similar to that.
  • DataSmart: As the name would suggest Datasmart is a new concept that will be introduced into WP8 that will give users a breakdown of data consumption, more flexibility to help them control their Data caps, as well as optimizing the usage of WiFi whenever possible.
  • Enterprise Security: WP now has a slim window of eating up RIMs rapidly declining market share, and that can only be accomplished by becoming a leading name in enterprise/Business mobiles; as most companies are now switching to  iPhones as their company devices WP has to make a name for itself in the field; therefore WP8 will support native BitLocker encryption — the same 128-bit, full-disk encryption used on PCs, as well as enabling multiple Business applications to help setup internal networks within company firewalls.

 The Future:

So far this post has just been a list of what to expect in WP8 from the OS itself, but what about the Vendors/OEMs? It’s useless to deny that WP isn’t going to grow, will it grow to the size of Android and Apple? I have no clue, but it definitely won’t stop at its last estimated 4% worldwide share; and with the upcoming release of WP8 multiple OEMs who first seemed to be testing the waters with their pinky fingers (basically slapping WP on leftover Droids) have announced that they plan on committing to the upcoming platform. Once that happens do Nokia’s words from MWC back in February stand the same where they said “Currently our goal isn’t to get the largest piece of the pie; our focus is on making a bigger pie”. Within the first quarter of a Lumia WP release Nokia had already earned the title of the World’s largest WP Vendor with over 36% of WP having their name stamped on it; I can only imagine what that number is now considering that was well before the release of the Lumia 900  & the 610 (However HTCs market-share also shouldn’t be under-estimated as yesterday the Titan II was sold out from online At&t Stores).
But as WP8 inevitably comes closer Samsung has confirmed it’s commitment to the  ”platform as it would allow them to push out more powerful devices”, Also LG who have been relatively quiet on the WP front have promised some upcoming WP8 devices. These two vendors alongside ZTE’s Low end WP (which could pose a threat to Nokia’s Promising start in China) should not be taken lightly, Samsung have already dethroned Nokia from one title this year I’m sure they’d love to knock down a second.
In my opinion the Cause for alarm is the same reason as to why Nokia have done so well in the WP platform so far, simply put the Hardware is regulated; making the competition boil down to Camera, Design, Price and Software Services. Nokia Have the Design in their pocket’s hands down, the Lumia services are Beyond excellent beating anything Apple or any Android OEM have to offer with the completely free offline navigation (unlike HTC), The Awesome Mix Radio, Recently Launched NokiaTV and the long list of Nokia Exclusive apps ensures that Nokia are serious when it comes to software, Although the optical performance of the Lumia range has been spotty so far it’s not to be taken lightly since the promise of Pureview technology is coming soon to WP; and Finally Nokia seem to have gotten the pricing scheme right with the latest releases (at least when the phones are subsidized by carriers). However when the Hardware is no loner regulated there-in arises the problem, obviously I love Nokia (or else I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this) but for the sake of honesty I can’t recall a single Nokia smartphone that had some sort of earth-shattering hardware component (Cameras excluded of course); in all brutal and crude honesty Nokia have never been ones to push out the latest hardware on time first (recall this Meme by Jay?). In other words Nokia has got to step it up in terms of hardware output as well WITHOUT getting too cocky about their Software services, a major factor coming in WP8 as mentioned above is the skinning of the Camera UI; which HTC are quite good at (the camera UI on the OneX is pretty amazing if I dare say so- super fast captures, take images while recording, record in Slow-motion, up to 100 burst captures per minute…) once the doors are opened for Camera customization on WP you can expect to see alot of these features arriving on HTC’s Titan Successor (especially since it’s already trying to prove itself as a Camera beast); regardless if these features are gimmicks or not they are selling points and must be taken into consideration.
The answer/solution is a simple formula but a difficult one to carry out; Nokia has to keep their lead in the Software front, taking advantage of its special relationship with MSFT; expanding its entertainment and Mapping powers all the while upgrading their processors at the same time, not sticking to the same processor for the next five years. If WP8 is anything like WP7 (where it doesn’t require 17 cores to run properly) then the optimal solution for Nokia to make a respectable device without having to get into a core race with the other OEMs (last time they ended the Megapixel race with a 41 MP camera, I wonder how they’d end a core race?) would be to pull an “Apple-Like” vow of silence; NORMAL people don’t care how many cores are in a phone as long as it runs smooth; but if you tell them this HTC has 4 cores while the Nokia has 2 Cores; no matter how much explaining you do some primal part of the brain will believe that the 4 cores are better (MORE POWER!). On the other hand when all the consumer knows is that the phone “runs the latest optimized hardware” it won’t make a difference what else is on the table as it becomes an apple-oranges situation.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Facebook for WP Gets Updated to v 2.5

Facebook's already quite decent WP app has just received a nice over-haul bringing the following features:

New in version 2.5:
Added ability to like comments,
full-threaded Facebook messaging including group messaging,
tagging friends using 'with' and ‘at’ formats,
delete posts and comments via long press context menu,
active links in posts,
updates to photo comments and likes pages to match posts comments and likes page.
Safe to say that I won't be looking for any facebook alternatives any time soon :)

Super useful QR code:

Wazapp (Whastapp Client for Meego) Updated to Version 0.2.5

It's been less than two weeks since the release of the Unofficial whatsapp client "Wazzap" for meego devices after the developers of whatsapp completely blocked any chance of it coming to the platform; regardless of the number of signatures a petition gathered.

Go download it from:

The changelog for the latest version includes:
    • sendPing doesn't fire if offline now
    • Fixed registration for people getting Login Failed or Account expired. Re-register is required for them after update.
    • Fixed possible segmentation fault when reconnecting (as so closing of wazapp sometimes while running in background)
    • Connecting to internet is now automatic if there are networks configured for auto connect, even in PSM. Otherwise the connection dialog will popup on every ping.
    • Now correctly handling login thread crash if connection lost during login process (resulting in forever connecting)
    • Emoji in contacts statuses
    • Enhanced conversations window, that deals with scroll issue (thanks to CepiPerez)
    • New indicator icons
    • Bigger Emoji (Thanks to @knobtviker and CepiPerez)
  • Wazapp 0.2.4:

    Change log:
    • Added support for displaying received Emoji (Thanks to @knobtviker)
    • Fixed interpreting login failure as a connection error, resulting in reconnect loop then segmentation fault
    • Fixed crash during sync because of encoding issue (resulting in "No Contacts" after sync), thanks to enki71
    • Fixed notifications clicks for people not in contacts
    • Fixed connection crash when push name has non ASCII chars (resulting in "Connecting" forever)
    • Added Country picker in Registration instead of entering Country Code manually

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Leaked Windows Phone 8 Template/Layout?

First off let me start by saying that this is by no means official or even somewhat confirmed, what I can tell you is that this interesting Concept/Layout popped up in my twitter feed last night (unfortunately I can't seem to find the source where this image first came from). Regardless lets treat this as a wishlist/concept render rather than a rumored update. 

What you can see above are some navigation/Ui changes that would hopefully come to Windows Phone 8 or whatever the next update after Tango is going to be. Starting from the First tile/Image render on the upper left I'll work my way across and down trying to explain what I understood from each one.

  • The very first screen render seems to be a "Recent Applications Folder" possibly showing you the latest applications along with your pinned applications (similar to pinning applications to the toolbar on Windows 7 PC??)
  •  Next we see the new multitasking view which shows you the same elongated mini screen of the running apps, however there's now a "X" button to presumably kill the application as well as a new set of toggles that pop up when entering multitasking mode. The toggles appear to be for Wifi, 3G, Battery Saver, Lock screen or app??, and possibly a restart/Power switch. We can also so a Quick app launch/shortcut on the bottom part of the screen (possibly the "Pinned" apps from the previous render?
  • Next up is the new app list/view which now gives you the option to organize your applications via category or via Alphabet (interesting to see how the category organization will work, will it be preorganized or do you get to move them around?)

  •  Also included is one feature that I agree should have been implemented form the start, a notification bar that informs you of missed calls/Unread messages as well as the option to differentiate between multiple ringer volumes.
    Could the presence of this notification bar mean that tiles will become optional? something to please those who don't like them?

  •  Also the much asked for "Folders" feature seems to have been implemented allowing multiple folders each with their own settings to be set as Tile shortcuts as well as accessed within the menu- Also present seems to be landscape support for menu/homescreen which is a nice touch (maybe one of the toggles seen above was for screen orientation?)

    Finally we see an interesting feature which is the ability to view apps while the phone screen is locked (demoed here with the maps application)- which could possibly mean that this update could support running WiFi while the phone is locked.

    What are your thoughts? Are some of these features unnecessary? how many have you been waiting for? and most importantly is this the real deal or a fan made concept?

Asha 302 Image/Video Samples

I was pleasantly surprised by the average quality of the Asha 302s video, considering it's a super cheap Feature/Dumb phone- the ability to shoot somewhat decent 480p videos is considered as a win by me- here's the sample:

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Random Post: Coolest Photos EVER!

Ok, True I'm a little Biased cause I love Chicago (6 more days!!!!) but regardless this has got to be one of the coolest photos EVER, the Clouds rolling over the Skyline, the Sears towers (I refuse to call it Willis Tower) gleaming in the distance, the few stars you can see rolling around. Needless to say I have a new Wallpaper.

Here are a couple more from the same talented guy:

What's your all time favorite image?

All taken from this fantastic Flickr account

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Asha 302- Email Bug Fixed #SmartPhoneLiteWeek 
WOOT! The annoying Email bug issue that was annoying me on my Asha-302 is fixed; all it took was downloading a small 251KB update Over The Air, and a simple reboot and VIOLA. The reason I didn't detect this update earlier is that for some some unspecified reason Nokia Suite didn't inform me of an available update. Regardless issue solved- Basically just Update your Device software.

Detailed steps:
Menu> Settings> Device> Device Updates> Downl. Device Software > then hit install/Confirm/Proceed/Yes-I-Want-Cookies

Let me know in the comments below if it worked/Didn't work

Cheers, Ali

Nokia Asha 302- Unboxing #SmartPhoneLiteWeek

Here's the unboxing of the Asha 302 that arrived earlier today- which marked the start of #SmartPhoneLiteWeek where I ditch all other phones and only rely on this S40 device.

Asha 302- First Problems 
A couple hours ago my Asha 302 arrived, and #SmartPhoneLiteWeek commenced, after a quick unboxing (video uploading) I moved on with setting up my email accounts, whatsapp, social etc... The first problem I encountered was that Nomatter what I try Gmail refuses to link up to the phone- even though there are some pre-set options that enable you to just slam down your password and Email and get moving, I always end up with the same error, till now I haven't been able to resolve it (if anyone know please drop a comment).
UPDATE: Issue with Email resolved  by a simple software update- read more here

The second and much more critical issue was that of contacts- Recently Mail For Exchange was released for the Asha 302- however the variant that Nokia Connects sent me isn't yet supported (Gradual roll out); meaning I would have to find another way to copy my contacts from the World Wide Web, what I tried:

  1. Simple copy through Nokia Suite- issue was that my contacts on Nokia Suite weren't updated with my latest Lumia contacts (since WP doesn't sync through it)
  2. Downloading MFE - which was unavailable
  3. Downloading .CSV file from Gmail and moving that to the phone- Failed
  4. Installed the older NOkia PC Suite and attempted to copy the .CSV file through it- Also failed
  5. Re-Downloaded the contacts in Vcard format and tried copying them through Pc Suite- Which also failed.
  6. At the brink of desperation Richard Dorman () Suggested I copy them through my N9 to the 302- this worked however multiple contacts where only partially copies (names and emails minus numbers = defeats the purpose)
  7. I tried porting them onto the Asha off my Lumia but was faced with an unsupported file error.
  8.  In the end I gave up and used the partial contact info off the N9 and added the vital contacts manually. Thankfully it's only for a week.

Blatant lies of a successful transfer, I WANT MY NUMBERS!

Wohoooo Free Stuff #NokiaRoookieAward

A while back I tweeted an answer to some competition to Nokia and apparently I won some snowboarding gear; the backpack stuffed with goodies arrived today.

OOoohh Shiny Red backpack
I'll have to take your word for it.
Stuffing of the backpack
Any idea what the hell this is?
 I really have no Idea what this is, it's like a cloth tube of silk...with dogs wearing snow caps on it

Monday, May 14, 2012

Favorite Nokia Accessory?

Quick post inspired by another twitter debate, what's your all time favorite Nokia accessory and why? Mine is a tie between the On Ear Purities (white) and the DC-16 Charging stick (whatever color matches my phone)- Purities are on the list simply cause they look, feel and sound amazing; while the charger sticks are a life saver (don't ave one yet) but the design alongside the real world uses of them (considering how quick smartphones batteries empty now-a-days) makes them a real life-saver.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Scatterbrained Dentist To Be = Failure

Just a random thought, today I spent the last 10 hours cramming for an exam, shouting at anyone who enterred my room and generally dislocating myself from the world all in the sake of getting my studies done before tomorrows Final Exam. Funny story; turns out my exam isn't even tomorrow; as I was planning my exam day game-plan (when to wake-up/leave) I realized I had no idea what time my exam was, so naturally I opened my University account only to be greeted with the message
"There are no Exams scheduled in your name"
At this point I literally freaked out, I jumped to the worst conclusion that  there was a mix-up in the registration office and I was somehow removed from my class. I Jumped onto FB to ask if anyone else had the same message only to get no less than 15 replies that there is no exam tomorrow.. #FacePalm

Thursday, May 10, 2012

iBomber Defense For Symbian

Latest video for a new symbian app: iBomber Defense

Note- Video was filmed with N9; I think it did a pretty good job considering how small the items I was trying to focus on were.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Conspiracy Theory: Lumia 900 Has A Mystery Platform

If anyone follows me on twitter (which I doubt)- there's a theory I've been toying with a while now which is basically that the Lumia 900 will get a certain set of updates (read: Apollo) that won't be available to the other Lumias (mainly 800 & 710)- although there would be no reason for them not to get the same set of updates it could all come down to marketing (900 = US Market = Special Treatment) plus the fact that a case could be made that the 900 is Newer and is the flagship phone. Regardless The Screenshot above while not proving anything solid does open up the questions a bit, why isn't the platform for the Lumia 900 posted as "Windows Phone Mango 7.5" As it is for both the Lumia 710 & 800?? I'll let you guys fill in the blanks.

(Screen shot is from Nokia-US when choosing a side-by-side comparison)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Comment of The Week Win: Lumia Vs Symbian

Not much more to add except the fact that this is probably one of the best comments ever; I might not agree with his point of view (WP purchases aren't really that expensive). Regardless Credit due where it's deserved.

Amazing Weather V3.1

Quick Video showing off the new features in this update:

-3 beautiful themes
-3 distinct live tiles
-weather alerts
-offline mode
-auto location using GPS
-5 different cities,
-refined UI with charts
-support for new languages
- New loading transitions.
- Faster data loading.
- Traditional Chinese support

Almost 50K Phones Smoked by WP

Smoked by Windows Phone 

 Well isn't this awesome news; the Windows Phone Facebook page just updated their cover photo to the image above; a whopping 46thousand phones smoked by WP, I'm seriously at a loss of words- I knew that the WP campaign was big, but I never expected them to have done more than 5 thousand challenges, let alone ten times that. 

On the other hand it feels great to have been one of the 588 people who actually one (although i didn't get a laptop- only a 100 eurors).

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Random Photo of the Week: Meego Jigsaw Puzzle

Just a random photo that really intrigued me; as you can obviously see it's an incomplete jigsaw of Meego; just like Meego which is slightly incomplete. Anyways thought you guys would enjoy it.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Should MSFT/Nokia Release Unlocked Devices to Devs?

So once again twitter has sparked up another glorious Meego Vs. WP Vs. Symbian debate,this time as is usual it all came back to the fact that most of the tech aware online community are geeks; and geeks love to tinker with stuff (it's in our blood), how bad would it be to make a developers device that has an unlocked bootloader for some geeks to mess around with? If the fear is sideloading apps/pirating then they could simply add a premium to the initial cost of the device (say another 50-100 $) to cover any possible piracy fears and pay those over to devs, or reduce the app hub membership to be fair to all (of course then choosing to buy the phone with this App premium would only be for people who plan on messing around and wouldn't be forced onto all WP adopters).

Wouldn't it be great if they gave out some dev. devices like RIM just did with BB10 (which btw looks pretty sweet); I personally can't see the harm in it, nobody is better at unlocking the true potential of an OS than Hackers and Geeks (take WebOS as your prime example, it's buggy as $hit but once you slap on some plugins from the unoffical store it becomes beautiful). I personally think that allowing people to tinker with the OS could expose some unexpected bugs as well as provide some interesting foresight into what future OS adopters would want, as well as some interesting features/fixes (just include a clause that says that MSFT can use any SW changes/hacks in future updates or something..). And the other huge benefit is that it wouldn't give anyone else any chances to poke holes in MSFTs platform strategy by saying it's worse than iOS and it's "too closed" for their taste.

Side Note: I used to live off side-loading apps on my N8 (still do) and I was always looking forward to trying the next tweak or fix; but for some weird reason WP/Lumias have tamed that beast inside me; I no longer feel the need to try tweaks or mods or even to sideload any apps. I'm not sure this is a good thing but at least it gives me alot less to worry about (Possibly the main reason is that WP simply works meaning I don't have to go behind anybodies back to improve it).

When I look back at it I think my love/desire to sideload/tweak the device rose out of necessity rather than true desire, which is the only reasonable explanation why that urge has faded; simply because WP delivers directly so you don't have to dirty your hands hacking and sideloading.