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Monday, May 7, 2012

Conspiracy Theory: Lumia 900 Has A Mystery Platform

If anyone follows me on twitter (which I doubt)- there's a theory I've been toying with a while now which is basically that the Lumia 900 will get a certain set of updates (read: Apollo) that won't be available to the other Lumias (mainly 800 & 710)- although there would be no reason for them not to get the same set of updates it could all come down to marketing (900 = US Market = Special Treatment) plus the fact that a case could be made that the 900 is Newer and is the flagship phone. Regardless The Screenshot above while not proving anything solid does open up the questions a bit, why isn't the platform for the Lumia 900 posted as "Windows Phone Mango 7.5" As it is for both the Lumia 710 & 800?? I'll let you guys fill in the blanks.

(Screen shot is from Nokia-US when choosing a side-by-side comparison)

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