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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Scatterbrained Dentist To Be = Failure

Just a random thought, today I spent the last 10 hours cramming for an exam, shouting at anyone who enterred my room and generally dislocating myself from the world all in the sake of getting my studies done before tomorrows Final Exam. Funny story; turns out my exam isn't even tomorrow; as I was planning my exam day game-plan (when to wake-up/leave) I realized I had no idea what time my exam was, so naturally I opened my University account only to be greeted with the message
"There are no Exams scheduled in your name"
At this point I literally freaked out, I jumped to the worst conclusion that  there was a mix-up in the registration office and I was somehow removed from my class. I Jumped onto FB to ask if anyone else had the same message only to get no less than 15 replies that there is no exam tomorrow.. #FacePalm

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