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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wazapp (Whastapp Client for Meego) Updated to Version 0.2.5

It's been less than two weeks since the release of the Unofficial whatsapp client "Wazzap" for meego devices after the developers of whatsapp completely blocked any chance of it coming to the platform; regardless of the number of signatures a petition gathered.

Go download it from:

The changelog for the latest version includes:
    • sendPing doesn't fire if offline now
    • Fixed registration for people getting Login Failed or Account expired. Re-register is required for them after update.
    • Fixed possible segmentation fault when reconnecting (as so closing of wazapp sometimes while running in background)
    • Connecting to internet is now automatic if there are networks configured for auto connect, even in PSM. Otherwise the connection dialog will popup on every ping.
    • Now correctly handling login thread crash if connection lost during login process (resulting in forever connecting)
    • Emoji in contacts statuses
    • Enhanced conversations window, that deals with scroll issue (thanks to CepiPerez)
    • New indicator icons
    • Bigger Emoji (Thanks to @knobtviker and CepiPerez)
  • Wazapp 0.2.4:

    Change log:
    • Added support for displaying received Emoji (Thanks to @knobtviker)
    • Fixed interpreting login failure as a connection error, resulting in reconnect loop then segmentation fault
    • Fixed crash during sync because of encoding issue (resulting in "No Contacts" after sync), thanks to enki71
    • Fixed notifications clicks for people not in contacts
    • Fixed connection crash when push name has non ASCII chars (resulting in "Connecting" forever)
    • Added Country picker in Registration instead of entering Country Code manually

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