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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Leaked Windows Phone 8 Template/Layout?

First off let me start by saying that this is by no means official or even somewhat confirmed, what I can tell you is that this interesting Concept/Layout popped up in my twitter feed last night (unfortunately I can't seem to find the source where this image first came from). Regardless lets treat this as a wishlist/concept render rather than a rumored update. 

What you can see above are some navigation/Ui changes that would hopefully come to Windows Phone 8 or whatever the next update after Tango is going to be. Starting from the First tile/Image render on the upper left I'll work my way across and down trying to explain what I understood from each one.

  • The very first screen render seems to be a "Recent Applications Folder" possibly showing you the latest applications along with your pinned applications (similar to pinning applications to the toolbar on Windows 7 PC??)
  •  Next we see the new multitasking view which shows you the same elongated mini screen of the running apps, however there's now a "X" button to presumably kill the application as well as a new set of toggles that pop up when entering multitasking mode. The toggles appear to be for Wifi, 3G, Battery Saver, Lock screen or app??, and possibly a restart/Power switch. We can also so a Quick app launch/shortcut on the bottom part of the screen (possibly the "Pinned" apps from the previous render?
  • Next up is the new app list/view which now gives you the option to organize your applications via category or via Alphabet (interesting to see how the category organization will work, will it be preorganized or do you get to move them around?)

  •  Also included is one feature that I agree should have been implemented form the start, a notification bar that informs you of missed calls/Unread messages as well as the option to differentiate between multiple ringer volumes.
    Could the presence of this notification bar mean that tiles will become optional? something to please those who don't like them?

  •  Also the much asked for "Folders" feature seems to have been implemented allowing multiple folders each with their own settings to be set as Tile shortcuts as well as accessed within the menu- Also present seems to be landscape support for menu/homescreen which is a nice touch (maybe one of the toggles seen above was for screen orientation?)

    Finally we see an interesting feature which is the ability to view apps while the phone screen is locked (demoed here with the maps application)- which could possibly mean that this update could support running WiFi while the phone is locked.

    What are your thoughts? Are some of these features unnecessary? how many have you been waiting for? and most importantly is this the real deal or a fan made concept?

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