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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Asha 302- First Problems 
A couple hours ago my Asha 302 arrived, and #SmartPhoneLiteWeek commenced, after a quick unboxing (video uploading) I moved on with setting up my email accounts, whatsapp, social etc... The first problem I encountered was that Nomatter what I try Gmail refuses to link up to the phone- even though there are some pre-set options that enable you to just slam down your password and Email and get moving, I always end up with the same error, till now I haven't been able to resolve it (if anyone know please drop a comment).
UPDATE: Issue with Email resolved  by a simple software update- read more here

The second and much more critical issue was that of contacts- Recently Mail For Exchange was released for the Asha 302- however the variant that Nokia Connects sent me isn't yet supported (Gradual roll out); meaning I would have to find another way to copy my contacts from the World Wide Web, what I tried:

  1. Simple copy through Nokia Suite- issue was that my contacts on Nokia Suite weren't updated with my latest Lumia contacts (since WP doesn't sync through it)
  2. Downloading MFE - which was unavailable
  3. Downloading .CSV file from Gmail and moving that to the phone- Failed
  4. Installed the older NOkia PC Suite and attempted to copy the .CSV file through it- Also failed
  5. Re-Downloaded the contacts in Vcard format and tried copying them through Pc Suite- Which also failed.
  6. At the brink of desperation Richard Dorman () Suggested I copy them through my N9 to the 302- this worked however multiple contacts where only partially copies (names and emails minus numbers = defeats the purpose)
  7. I tried porting them onto the Asha off my Lumia but was faced with an unsupported file error.
  8.  In the end I gave up and used the partial contact info off the N9 and added the vital contacts manually. Thankfully it's only for a week.

Blatant lies of a successful transfer, I WANT MY NUMBERS!

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