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Friday, November 2, 2012

First Look at Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012/Reboot

Announced back in June and just released last week Need For Speed Most Wanted is an attempted reboot of the hit NFS game released back in 2005. First thing you'll realize? the graphics are AMAZING! no matter how much I stress this point it still won't be enough, the graphics are beautiful!
(as always click on any of the images to enter the fullsize gallery)
The new version of Need For Speed comes as a massive free play map with cars to find and unlock, races to complete, upgrades to win and most importantly blacklists to climb.

Around the map are cars that most be found and unlocked (by simply driving up to them), once a new car is found a specific set of races for each car are made available; where by beating these races you unlock upgrades for each car (car upgrades are NOT interchangeable).
Of course the gameplay is always amazing, with hours of fun; and since it's an open world map you can just drive around causing havoc, destroying billboards and breaking speed limits... or you could drive safely and practice your parallel parking.. up to you (we won't judge... actually we will).

Personally my favorite part of the game is the car damage, just look at the details in the screenshot above! That Aston is WRECKED! Police chases will put down tire spikes and pop your tires, making you drive on the rims of your car (painful); but of course totally fixing your car is just a gas station away.

The other super cool part about the game is the police chase dialogue, which isn't your custom "roger over over" but actual dialogue that adapts to your driving style; changed the color of your car in the middle of the chase? Don't worry the cops will send out a new APB alert on the radio with your updated color. Sweet! 
Of course what kind of Need For Speed game would be complete without cops... lots of cops.
Seriously, try it out you won't regret it!

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