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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Angry Birds Starwars Released: First Look at iPad Version

 It's finally here! the latest installment of the Angry Birds series, "Angry Birds Star Wars"; the latest version is a spin-off of the ultra-popular Movie series Star Wars.. DUH. Interestingly enough it would seem that this is the LAST ever 3rd party Star Wars product that won't pay-off to Disney, Kinda sad huh?
The game looks great on the retina screen of the iPad (especially since there's an iPad HD version); the graphics are cute and pretty funny, as you can see above. Red Luke SkyWalker looks pretty awesome, but I'm not sure I like C3PO too much.
Check out that Darth Vader Piggy! Scary looking! The game seems most similar to Angry Birds Space, with the trajectory path showing up for each sling (I'm personally not a fan of that; it takes away from the difficulty factor in the game).

 The Worlds in Angry Birds star wars are set in the Star Wars Empire world, with the first one being the ever famous "Tatooinee" with it's trademark two suns (see image above).

Anyways enjoy the game!

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