Adversal 728*90

Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy to Announce Arabic Videos & Unboxings Coming Soon!!

Today I can finally reveal to you what I've had on my mind for quite a while now, ARABIC VIDEOS! No, sadly they won't be of me belly dancing to Arabic music (sorry to disappoint); but next week will show the launch of my first ever Arabic video. I've gotten loads of requests from people telling me to make some videos in Arabic or at the very least some Arabic captions for the videos I upload, seeing how this goes I will either upload an Arabic version of all future videos or just the major ones.

My mad Arabic skills will debut on a second version of my upcoming Lumia 920 unboxing, so for anyone who speaks Arabic (or wants to hear how bad all the TV shows get it) stay tuned!

Also this video was the first one I shot with the Nex-5N besides the camera quality test, so lemme know what you think of the quality down below.

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