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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sony Nex-5N in The House! First Look/Impression

So I've finally taken the plunge, leaving behind the world of relying on borrowed DSLRs and using Camera phones to take picture. I've joined the club of monkeys wielding semi-expensive/expensive cameras, who think we know what we're doing with a camera.

 The Nex-5N is the mid range family member of Sony's mirror less camera set (slotted above the 3 series and below the 7 series). Packing a 16.1 MP sensor, interchangeable E-Mount lenses and 1080p Video shooting. The killer feature for me in this camera was the 10Fps Shooting speed, which is absolutely insane (think Ak-47).
A fitting end for the Nokia 808's place in my reviews, taking images of it's successor (which were taken in very poor lighting).

The Nex-5N packs a touch screen display on the back to help you choose your focus area, as well as gicing quick access to options. The screen itself is tilt-able (upwards only) to about 90 degrees; which is pretty neat.
Anyways on to the more important matter, picture quality; seeing how I'm a complete imaging noob I'm not the right person to take any tip from. But here's the very first picture I took with the camera; I think it ain't too bad.

Check the full resolution image on Flickr here:


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