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Friday, November 9, 2012

Facebook For iOS Now Showing When "Friends" were Last Online; Stalkers Rejoice

In what seems to be Zucks latest attempt at figuring out who's ignoring him from his friends, a new feature (by feature we mean a stalkers Christmas, Eid and Birthday come early) has silently been rolled to the Facebook for iOS app (or at least the iPad version of it). Besides the extremely annoying Seen checkmark on messages and chat, Facebook has now implemented a last seen for anyone on a mobile device/ that let's you know when the last time they were online was, regardless if they sent you a message or not. Note the 1h, 2h, 5h besides the mobile icon on the chat sidebar (It also possible shows even if said "friend" has you set as "offline"). This feature is yet to appear on the Web client of Facebook, but it can only be a matter of time.

- Way to go Zucks! This seriously has saved me hours of wondering whether or not my "prey" has checked her Facebook today; I can't seem to figure out why she won't like my statuses! But now I can plan my timings perfectly so that heavily hinted message might just get through to her!

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