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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Only Real Alternative To Installous You'll Ever Need

Ever since Hackulous shut down taking installous down with it, people have been on the search for a proper alternative for installous. I've read countless articles talking about VVShare and App cake; well let me spare you the trouble THEY SUCK!
VVShare? With its fancy "Direct Downloads" guess what the speeds don't go over 50 kb/s (that's if you're lucky) and it restarts constantly for no reason at all; making it a nightmare to use even to download the simplest of apps.What about AppCake you say? You mean besides the horrible bugginess that causes it to crash every 5 seconds, and the non responsive built in browser which takes forever to redirect you to a third party hosting site? How about the fact that it doesn't even download the files properly? Rather than go on and raise my blood pressure even more, and risk ending my life before completing this article; I'll go ahead and tell you the one app that you'll need.

One word: Zeusmos. Zeusmos is your all in one replacement for installous; it comes with a clean layout, responsive UI and is actually in fricken English!!! The app supports searching for IPA files online and downloading them from 3rd party hosting clients (just like installous did), you have all the same functionalities (even the same captcha generator) so without explaining myself any further get Zeusmos.
To install Zeusmos simply go to Cydia and add "" to the sources; after that search for "Zeusmos" from within Cydia and install it.

All done, enjoy your slightly less stressful life and thank me anytime.


  1. thanks but while adding the source and error occur: sub-process/bin/bzip2 returned an error code(2)
    posiz: operation time out
    netdb:open nodename nor servername provided, or not known

  2. sources are getting hammered by the influx of new devices on the scene I would hold off for a few days

  3. #first comment
    hi, you must delete the hackulous repo from your phone.
    after you can add the repo ihacksrepo.


  5. Nice.. works like a charm, had to try and download it twice though... servers must be so busy..... thanks...

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