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Friday, June 1, 2012

Microsoft Touch Mouse: Unboxing and First Thoughts

 So today my Microsoft touch mouse finally arrived, before I get into the nitty details, just a couple of points about Amazon; I know it was a 3rd party reseller through Amazon who provided this; but it was still a large company and not a single person; meaning they must have some sort of record (reviews were good).

However I was extremely dissapointed with the services this time; first off the mouse took 7 days to reach, not the promised 5; second and most importantly the mouse WAS NOT NEW! regardless of a sticker on it that claimed it was (written by  hand)- the Mouse had some stains on it (easily removed with Acetone/nail polish remover) but that still is unacceptable, the package itself had been opened and resealed with normal packing tape. Ugly packing tape.

The included USB cable was also missing (of no real use to me since it's only for unsupported computers/drivers)

Amazon issues aside the device itself is utterly drop-dead gorgeous; the pure matte white finish along with the "Cheque" swirl design is breathtaking.
  The mouse itself appears buttonless, but in fact the whole front half is one big button (acting like macbooks trackpad where different halves have different functions). 

Setting up the mouse was extremely simple as the drivers where automatically downloaded as well as a short tutorial video of the compatible touch gestures. 
The compatible gestures include, single finger scrolling & panning , two finger movements to minimize/maximize, Three finger gestures bring up a running apps screen similar to that of MacOS, flicking with your thumb can be used to move forward/backward (previous/Next) when browsing online. (I'll try and make a second post detailing these gestures).

Overall so far I'm in love except for two issues
  1. The mouse IS NOT rechargeable, meaning it's back to the good old duracells
  2. Lack of middle mouse button/wheel basically means that this is DEFINITELY not a gamers mouse

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