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Monday, July 2, 2012

Pureview 808 Available From SmartBuy; Comes With Free Tripod - 450 JD

It's rare that we ever get any special offers from Nokia officially here in Jordan, since it would seem that nobody cares about us; for example almost every single country out there has had some sort of deal involving a Play 360 speaker or the Monster headphones, here? They don't even exist! I asked the Nokia store were I could get some 360s and they said "Nokia doesn't make speakers".

Regardless this deal is pretty nice, through SmartBuy (Jordan's version of BestBuy or hhGregg) if you purchase the Pureview (available in White and Black with red coming soon) you can get a free tripod mount + the tripod itself (the two on the right of the image) for 450 JODs (around $630):

You would not believe how hard I've looked for a mobile tripod that is NOT an iPhone and finally this comes around

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