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Friday, April 6, 2012

Random Thoughts on Youtube- Upload Problems

Just a random thought on the way Youtube deals with uploaded videos- Youtube has this active resume sort of thing where supposedly it helps resume your video upload if perhaps your Computer crashes or your internet gets cut; rather then starting all over again simply choose the file again and it'll pick up where it left off. Except it's not really that smart- I've been trying to upload the same video for over two days; each time once the upload FINALLY finishes (and I think it's time for a cookie break) it gives me a video deleted by user error, the reason behind this? 2 days ago minutes after I started upload attempt #1 I quickly cancelled the video because I had forgotten to edit something out; the result? Youtube thinks that the same video is being uploaded by the active resume garbage and I end up with super slow internet all weekend, no videos and no cookies.

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