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Friday, April 20, 2012

Simple Logic, Apollo on the Lumia 610?


Just now while reading some of the comments on MNB about what people would like to see in WP8, and thinking about all the controversy currently going on between  2nd Gen WP to gen WP to get WP8 or not. When I realized that the answer was right in-front of us all the time, a widely asked for feature on WP and a huge reason why alot of Symbian users ARE NOT converting to WP is because of the Blue-tooth file transfer constrictions; but wait, if you can only use BT on WP7.5 to connect to speakers/cars and limited transfer ability why would Nokia bother making a second version of the Lumia 610? specifically one that has NFC support? 

As of now NFC is NOT supported in WP 7.5 and has no real world value due to WP constrictions, so the only logical reason would be that NFC will become relevant on the 610 in an upcoming update (similar to what happened with the C7 where it's NFC chip was useless until Anna) ... which could only be APOLLO/WP8. And since the 610 is the lowest spec phone of the current WP series shouldn't that mean that all other WP devices (that are more powerful than the 610) be privy to the same updates/features?

 NFC support was one of the “leaked” features of WP8:
Support for microSD cards is also added, along with NFC support. The latter will work either via NFC built inside a smartphone or via NFC enabled SIM cards.- VIA
NFC and Wallet. Windows Phone 8 will allow users to securely pay and share via NFC and manage an integrated Wallet experience-VIA

Another "clue" to support my theory is that Nokia announced the NFC Lumia 610 less than a month after announcing the Normal 610 and before it was even released, is it possible that they received confirmation from MSFT that the 610 will support WP8 so they went ahead and added NFC support?

Am I overlooking something or is WP8 on 610/710/800/900 a sure thing?

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