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Monday, April 23, 2012

Skype? Or Do you Care to Tango? - Windows Phone

Okay, at the risk of showing my newbiness in tech (after all I only started avidly following the mobile world less than 3 years ago)- regardless why is it so difficult to produce Skype for all Windows Phones? Don't some of the super low end Android phones run their respective version of the app properly? is 256 MB a final limitation or can it be worked around?

Also is it just me or has MSFT taken their sweet time preparing the app, You own the damn software haw hard can it be to get all your devs. to start coding? (that's not a rhetorical question I'm really asking). Also isn't the shedding of the "beta" tag off Skype a bit premature? the very least they could do was optimize it to run in the background before calling it a finished product. If Tango can do it why can't skype?

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