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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Text+ Would be One of the Greatest apps for WP EVER- If it Actually Worked

Text+ is possibly one of the coolest apps EVER for WP; and a solution to one of the greatest problems that anyone outside the US/Canada faces- FREE TEXT MESSAGES! Of course this isn't the first app to offer such services- but it is the first one that can deliver SMSs (SMSi?) without the need for the 2nd party to have this application installed  (Provided they live in the US or Canada); if not you can still text them but that of course would require they install the app as well. Text+ even provides you with your own personal number so you can receive NORMAL (non-Text+) SMSi on (I got a Texas that's perfect for anyone in the US who doesn't have a long distance unlimited texting plan to talk to me).

Text+ seems to be the answer to all my issues; since I've recently been relying on Gmail Beta text messages which is a real pain in the @$$ as well as the fact that you can only respond/Send through your PC which completely defeats the purpose; having an app that enables me to text peoples phone numbers without forcing them to load the same app and have it on is a godsend- and the reply number (that uses Push notifications to get them to you) is even cooler, I just wish it worked.

The issue is that every-time I load the app it crashes within 5 seconds, making it USELESS I still haven't been able to send a single message! It's frustrating to see an app with so much potential JUST out of my reach; developers of this awesome app PLEASE FIX IT! I beg of you!

If you want to try your luck with it here's the marketplace link-
Or just scan the QR code below:

If you do somehow get it to work please let me know how, and what you think of the app.

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