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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lost My Lumia 800 to My Dad- Awkward.

So this is a tad bit awkward, a couple weeks ago when I was in Chicago (around the time I got my stormtrooper) my dad came and asked for a spare phone to use his T-Mobile sim on (he carries an S2 and an iPhone 4) so i gave him my Cyan Lumia 800 that was sitting in my bag ignored after I had gotten my Stormtrooper.

After setting it up and showing him how simple the tiles were and pinning myself and all our family to the start screen he went on his way... I never saw the phone again. I'm no really sure where it is as he's not using it (that was only temporary) and I feel it would be bad taste to ask him for it, so I'm basically back to one WP. #FirstWorldProblems

Also if anyone in Chicago finds a Lumia 800 forgotten in a hotel room somewhere let me know please.


  1. Suggest it subtly such as 'are you still liking my windows phone?'

  2. What? You've borrowed it to him, what's the problem with asking him "Hey dad, do you still need that Lumia phone I had borrowed to you?". It's your family and it's 'your' phone.

    1. Oh forgot to point out that my dad lives in another country :/

    2. Lent, get your English correct. Lent it to him and I had lent to you.
      To a third party '' I borrowed the car''