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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Acessory Review: Belkin Verve Foilio Case for iPad

Case Front doubles as a Stand to prop the ipad in Portrait mode
Today we're taking a look at one of the more stylish accessories available out there; the Belkin Verve Folio case for the iPad 3/2. The awesome people at hooked us up with this review unit, so be sure to check out their huge selection of iPad cases (and other devices).

The case it self although designed for the iPad 3/New iPad will comfortably fit the iPad two as they have nearly identical dimensions and all the ports are in the same position.

The Foilio case has a very nice premium feel to it (it's not leather, but who cares?), the inside of the case is made of a soft lining (possibly suede?) that provides a comfy layer of protection for the iPads glass (and can double out as a pillow in case of emergencies).

Since the outside of the case is made of black cloth it does tend to gather some dust (visible in the picture above) but that goes away with a gentle rubbing with your hand so nothing to worry about there.

The iPad is held in place by 4 leather straps on all 4 sides of the case giving it a secure and comfortable fit, and without having to worry about scratching the iPad with plastic clamps.

The case itself can be clamped shut by snapping the rubber grip around the case, or can be flipped around the back to hold the cover out of the way while using the iPad. When not in use the grip is hidden on the inside of the case keeping everything nice and tidy. All the while keeping all ports and buttons and the camera easily accessible, so no need to take off the case to charge your device or listen to music.

All in all the Belkin Verve Folio case is a wonderful case for someone looking for a stylish case that offers premium protection, the only downside I can think of is that the case is not Smart cover enabled, meaning your iPad won't turn itself off when opening and closing the case, but besides that the case is pretty awesome and personally I think it's well worth the £24.99 price tag.

If you're interested in getting one be sure to check it out at Mobilefun.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave your comments down below; also let us know is the lack of Smart cover option a dealbreaker for you?

Easily accessible ports


  1. Nice review Ali, would have mentioned price and maybe have included some close ups of cut outs for ports etc, but what do I know :-)

    1. Bah! Stop being modest, thanks for the tips (Added both)

      Thanks mate :D