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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why Bing Desktop is Awesome

I know, I know.... A lot of you read that and laughed, how can Bing possibly be any good? The same people trying to get the phrase "bing it" to become a thing, yeah ok their search services pretty much suck. Well I'll tell you why; simply because their "photo of the day" is AMAZING. Think I'm talking nonsesne? Anybody who's used a WP will tell you that one of the coolest features on it is the background of the search button, that changes daily to match that of

The photos are beautiful shots from around the world, whether your a photography fanatic or not you're sure to appreciate the beautiful views and breathtaking sights. If you go to or open the Search on your WP a little "info" icon in the bottom corner will provide you with information about the photo.

Still not convinced? well it's free.... ;)

Get it here:

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