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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jordan Begins Censoring News under Pretext of "Pornography"

Cencorship causes blindness

Surprise surprise, the real reason why Jordan suddenly decided to censor "pornography" from the internet.

Last month Jordan approved a law that would begin to censor websites that contain pornography off the internet, the law itself is idiotic; but the timing mighty suspicious, especially since Jordan is NOT governed by the Islamic laws of Sharieh.

Earlier this week what is probably the true reason of this censorship came to light:

 A new law states that : “any electronic publication that engages in publication of news, investigations, articles, or comments, which have to do with the internal or external affairs of the kingdom require registration with the Commerce Ministry and licensing from the Press and Publications Department"

Any website that fails to register will be blocked and any Jordanian located offices will be closed "without providing a reason or obtaining a court order" and the author of any article will be held responsible for any comments (by others) posted on his article.

So to everyone who's complaining about the US not removing that stupid video making fun of the prophet... what do you have to say when Arab/Muslim countries are more interested in censoring the news than protecting their own prophet. Instead of blindly boycotting anything that's American in the desperate hope that they'll actually notice that your upset how about you open your eyes to the world around you.

In case your interested to why this is a violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights read here:

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