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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Microsoft Surface Tablet Priced Starting at $499 -Why I won't be Getting one

Earlier today after months of teasing and waiting Microsoft have finally unveiled the pricing on their first ever Windows Hardware- the Surface Tab RT (not to be confused with the Surface Tab Pro- which will run the full version of Win8). The Surface RT wills tart st $499 for the 32Gb version, while the 64Gb goes for $599- Keep in mind that the 32Gb Surface is a $100 cheaper than the 32Gb iPad. The amazing covers will sadly NOT come with the product itself, selling for $120 and $130 for the touchcover and the keyboard respectively.

The reason *I* won't be getting a Surface myself is that for me PERSONALLY there isn't a valid use for it, or at least one big enough to justify spending another $500 after recently buying the new iPad/iPad 3. As of now the real reason the iPad has lead the tablet industry is because it is the center of tablet gaming and general time wasting; there are plenty of other tablets out there great for professional/business use, but at the end of the day most people will play on their iPad on their commute home.

For someone who doesn't have a business related need for the Surface there really isn't much of an incentive to leave our shiny iPads and go to the first ever Windows RT tablet, which right now has nowhere near the amount of apps available on Android and iOS tablets (that are actually customized for tablets). The Surface is a great product (especially when it comes to build quality) but what does it offer a user who already owns an iPad that their current tablet doesn't? Besides a kickstand.

(Keep in mind that I'm super Anti-Apple; but I respect their products, in fact I love the surface; but it isn't for me....right now.)

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