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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Impromptu Lumia 920 Photoshoot

One things about the Lumia 920 that makes it even more special is the amazing design, and eye catching colors (especially if you were smart enough to get in red like me). And when you have a device like the Lumia 920 in red it will definitely steal the show hands down EVERY TIME.

Simplest example comes from earlier this week, a couple of my friends and I went out for sushi; which somehow turned into a Lumia 920 press photo-shoot; and I swear to you not all of these were staged (only the one on the phone/#2 was).

So what do you guys think? Should we be in Nokia's next billboard?

Psst.. check out the full size images on SkyDrive here:

(the one below is the only staged one, I promise.)

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