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Thursday, May 2, 2013

In Depth Look at the Compltely Re-Designed Facebook Beta for WP8

Microsoft have put a lot of work into their latest baby, a completely redesigned Facebook app for Windows Phone 8. One that admittedly loses its Metro roots a "tiny" bit, but trust me it's for the better, as the saying goes; "Function over Form".

The new app brings loads of new features to the desperately lacking Facebook app. Mainly the ability to now share other people's status updates and posts; also included is the new layout which brings swiping to the right for your "dashboard" and to the left for your online friends available to chat.

The app also has its own spin on comments by posting the most recent comment at the top of the page, with the eldest comment at the bottom; which may seem a bit dissorrienting at first, but is pretty awesome. The app also brings the much needed "pull to refresh" option throughout (including messages, notifications, friend requests and the news feed of course).

The app however is still in an open beta mode, meaning anyone can download it; but you just won't find it in the marketplace. You'll have to use a direct link, which thankfully I was thoughtful enough to include in this post. Enjoy :)

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