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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Leaks Collection: Nokia EOS

In case you've been hiding somewhere and missed all the Nokia EOS action that went down today, here's a quick recap of all the juicy pics you missed out on. First off the EOS comes with a HUGE-ASS (yes I'm allowed to say the "A" word) camera module/sensor on the back to house all its imaging goodness (rumored to be 41 megapixels).

Of course a huge sensor means that inevitably there will be a bump/hump on the back of the device, of which there is plenty. However Nokia have gone with a circular hump design 9similar to the 925's) rather than the rectangular look of the previous camera kings, the N8 and 808.

To recap on the rumored specs of the phone why not watch me tell you all about it, in video mode :O

Without further ado, the rest of the pictures:

Via GSMArena, MNB and WPDang

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