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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How to Fix Windows Phone App Updates Notifications on Store Live Tile

Windows Phone is a pretty solid OS in terms of stability, but occasionally it craps out in random subtle ways that you might not realize for a while. One issue that occasionally occurs is that your Marketplace live tile will stop notifying you of new app updates, leaving you in the cold when it comes to bug fixes and new features. Of course you can still update apps manually by opening them in the store and having it check for updates; but fear not, there is a fix!

Basically the fix involves "refreshing" the store live tile and reminding it of available updates, this is done by:
  1. Find any app that has a pending update, and open it in the store do not update the app yet, just make sure your phone registers that there is an update available, then exit the store.
  2. Unpin the Store live tile from your start screen
  3. Soft reset your phone by holding the volume down and power button together for about ten seconds. (note this will also reset your phone's clock, so be sure to fix the time once you reboot).- This will NOT delete any of your data.
  4. Pin the store tile back to your home screen and wait. (it might take several hours for the first updates to appear, as the store doesn't constantly check for updates).
Hopefully that should fix any issues you had with the store not notifying you of new updates.


  1. If you soft reset your phone, the other live tiles will stop refreshing like Bing weather, weather flow, etc.

    1. I've never had that issue, multiple soft resets (for different reasons) and everything is still working.

  2. Lol....this is totally wrong process...dont follow.

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