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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Whatsapp for Windows Phone Updated to V 1.9- Now supports Emoji and Media Sharing History

The title basically says it all- If you have a Nokia Lumia or a WP head on over to  the marketplace and update your whatsapp to V1.9 to get all the goodies of Emoji from smiling turds to farting elephants; as well as the added bonus of having the option to view all media shared with a contact from under "Contact Info"- All in all a pretty cool update but all it needs now is the option to sync your conversations online; or at least to save them as a text file. (I believe that option is available on Android and iPhone but not Symbian)

Full Changelog:
Improved support for Emoji
- Group mute features
- Share contacts
- Browse downloaded media in a conversation
- German and Russian localizations
- The usual bug fixes and performance improvements

-If you're not getting the latest Whatsapp update simply go to your marketplace- hit the "share" button then immediately go back to the main Whatsapp download page; hopefully you should have the option to update. 


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