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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Samsung's ATIV S Already Proves Poor Design

What you're looking at is Samsungs newly released ATIV S, the first WP8 device to be released.  Take a closer look, specifically at the backplate of "Brushed Aluminum" what do you see? Loads of scratches! (Focus beneath the Windows Phone Logo). The image above comes directly from the official Windows Phone blog who posted some first thoughts on the device, raving about it's beautiful design.

Well obviously the folks at Sammy didn't think through the design too much as you can clearly see that the painted aluminum is a hack job, I've had my N8 for over two years now and with extremely rough usage it still isn't showing a second color beneath, and I can't imagine the guys at the Windows Phone blog had much of a chance to bounce this off the sidewalk yet.

I'll let you imagine what the back of this phone will look like after a month of usage...

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