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Friday, August 31, 2012

Random Useless Fact: The First Ever Death in a Car Accident; and the First Ever Speeding Ticket

 Speed Kills, but how can you define speeding? After all it's still a completely relative term till this day, speeding in Germany on the Autobahn doesn't hold the same definition as speeding in a School Zone.

The first ever death by automobile was in the 1896, 12 years before the Model T went into production (the Model T was the first ever mass produced car). On the fateful date of August 17th 1896, Bridget Driscoll was crossing the street in London when she was hit by a car belonging to the Anglo-French Carriage Company driven by Arthur Edsall; who at the time was giving demonstration rides in the vehicle.

According to reports the vehicle was driving at a "reckless pace, fit for a fire engine"; when the driver lost control and headed towards Bridget at a mind blistering 4Mph (6.5Kmph).  Unfortunately the vehicle was moving to fast for her to get out of the way and she was run over.

The first speeding ticket was issued 8 years later in 1904, when Harry Myers was cited by an Ohio police officer in Dayton for driving at a reckless pace of 12Mph on West Third St.

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