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Monday, September 10, 2012

AliGoneMobile Now Uses "Disqus" Comment System + How-to For Your Own Blog

I've been looking at using a different comment system for the blog for a while now, but I've always thought it to be too much trouble to go through to actually implement one of the better known comment systems rather than using Bloggers horrible built in Comment system. Finally spurred on by Dani I looked into it and TADA! We now have a new commenting system, powered by the amazing Disqus! (give it a spin, if you're reading this be sure to leave a comment).

Surprisingly switching to a new comment system took less than 2 minutes to complete and embed into the site URL, so here's a quick how-to (just to make this post slightly educational):

  • First off head over to
  • Login or Create an account
  • Click on the big orange "Get This on your site" button"
  • Then fill out the form with your site details and your own personal Disqus details (so you can manage the comments on your site)
  •  Hit Continue and you'll get the option to select which blogging service you use (Wordpress, Blogger etc.), select the appropriate one and it'll implement itself onto your blog. No need to deal with any scary code or anything!
All done? Awesome now go eat a cookie! (Or else it won't work)!

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