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Friday, October 19, 2012

Breaking Barriers: I Actually Managed to Crash Windows Phone

Honey I Broke the Windows Phone

See this picture? I suggest you take a good luck; cause you won't be seeing too much of it. This marks the first time in almost a year of WP usage that I have "crashed" the phone, where nothing would fix the problem besides a reboot (which cleared it up right away). Somehow while using whatsapp I managed to get the keyboard to permanently stick on the screen, regardless of opening new apps, closing old ones, locking/unlocking the screen nothing would get rid of it (and you also can't use it to enter any text).

I tried taking a screenshot, but the keyboard was hiding the "start screen capture task" button so this semi-blurry ipad photo will have to suffice as evidence of doing the impossible....Honey I Broke the Windows Phone (Fingers crossed someone get's the movie reference)

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  1. lol... This never happened to me but I found a way to freeze my Lumia 800, and it works every time.

    Play music, plug in the headphones and start browsing the web using IE9. And the phone freezes within 15 minutes.

    But I cannot test the same thing on other Lumia 800s or 900s