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Friday, October 19, 2012

Pictures: The iPhone 5's Anodized Body Peels Right Off!

You've all surely heard one or two horror stories about the scratch proof backing of the iPhone 5; with some people going as far as calling it #ScratchGate. I always thought it was being blown a bit out of proportion (seeing how everything Apple related ends up that way); but seeing the following pictures made me change my mind. 

@PaulGarner (don't be shy give him a follow) tweeted that while removing his Clear Back Griffin Protective cover from the back of the phone, bits of the iPhones Anodized body flew off with it!

As you can see in the images Paul tweeted little specs of the iPhones body have peeled off showing the ugly silver layer beneath the anodized body. 

What's interesting is the fact that the iPhone 5 is by no means Apple's first Anodized product, so poor quality on its flagship device is in-excusable (all the previous iPod Nanos, Shuffles, Classics as well as the Macbooks use the same concept of Anodizing aluminum).

If you're interested in learning exactly how Aluminum is Anodized check out the cool educational video below, but the gist of it is that anodized aluminum is actually aluminum that's allowed to rust under controlled circumstances!

Story & Pictures Via: @PaulGarner

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